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Moving Day!!!!

Hello Quilters!!!

Moving Day has arrived!!! I am not planning on having the shop closed for more than one or two days. My hope is that we are up at the new shop Thursday February 1st. Earlier if possible!

For all of you who graciously asked if they could volunteer on moving day......I accept!!!!!! With heartfelt gratitude!!!!

We will start the moving Sunday @ 9am and work until 5.  Then we will start again at 9am on Monday and again work until 5 and have supper that day as well. Both days supper will be provided by the shop and we will have sandwich makings at both places for lunches. Thank you all for your help and support of the shop. I truly appreciate it!!!

Please share this email with your fellow quilters, I know that some do not receive the newsletter, and unfortunately there is not a fix on our end for the problem.

Thank you all for your continued support and your understanding during the move,